Language Diversity FAQ


I am a person with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). What assistance can the university provide me?

Consistent with its commitment to prevent discrimination based on national origin, and to the extent required by applicable law, the university will take steps to ensure that its programs are accessible to persons with Limited English Proficiency. 

Upon request, the university will provide appropriate alternative non-English formats for its materials and information. The nature of these alternatives is dependent on the specific context of the request. To assist the university in making this determination and providing timely assistance, individuals in need of LEP accommodations should submit requests for assistance as promptly as possible.

How should I submit a request for LEP assistance in connection with a university program or activity?

In some instances, requests may be submitted directly to the instructor, supervisor, or other university personnel with whom you are working. For example, when the assistance needed is relatively straightforward—such as speaking more slowly or clearly—the request is often best handled directly. In cases where the assistance needed is more involved, or where a person needing LEP assistance feels that a direct request has not been granted, requests for assistance or accommodation should be submitted to MSU’s Office of Civil Rights Compliance at 662-325-5839 or at

May instructors or supervisors require that class or workplace discussions occur in English?

University personnel generally may not dictate the language in which private conversations between students or staff are held. However, the university has a legitimate interest in ensuring that discussions held during class time, as part of university activities, or among groups of employees during working hours are conducted in a way that is most accessible and understandable to all participants, which may warrant a requirement that English be used. Instructors and supervisors should limit any language requirement to those circumstances in which communication in English is necessary.

Additionally, any such requirement must comply with the terms of any request for assistance related to Limited English Proficiency. Questions should be directed to MSU’s Office of Civil Rights Compliance at 662-325-5839 or at

Who should I contact if I feel I have been discriminated against based on language or national origin?

Persons who believe they have experienced discrimination, harassment, or retaliation in connection with a university program should contact MSU’s Office of Civil Rights Compliance at 662-325-5839 or at