Report Discrimination

Workplace Discrimination, Harassment, or Retaliation

If you are an MSU employee or applicant for employment, complaints concerning workplace discrimination, harassment, or retaliation can be submitted either to:

  • The Office of Civil Rights Compliance at 662-325-5839 or by email at; or to
  • MSU Human Resources Management at 662-325-3713.

Discrimination in University Programs

If you are a student, applicant for admission, or other individual with a complaint of discrimination based on a protected status in connection with any MSU program, service, opportunity, or activity, you can submit a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights Compliance at 662-325-5839 or by email at

This includes but is not limited to all academic, educational, research, extracurricular, athletic, and/or housing programs or activities.

Report Online

To submit an online report of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation in connection with university employment or any university program, service, opportunity, or activity please follow the linkĀ and provide the requested information. Your report will be forwarded to the Office of Civil Rights Compliance. For matters that require an immediate response, please contact OCRC directly using the contact information above.