Reporting and Confidential Assistance

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault or other forms of sexual misconduct, you have multiple options for reporting to MSU or to law enforcement. These include options for confidential assistance.

  • Emergencies: If you are in immediate danger, call 911.
  • Formal Complaints: If you are not in immediate danger and would like to submit a complaint to the university, contact the Title IX Coordinator, Lateshia Butler, at 662-325-5839 or by email at
  • Confidential Assistance: If you are not sure whether you want to submit a formal complaint, call the MSU Safe Line at 662-325-3333. The Safe Line is staffed by trained counselors 24/7, who can put you in touch with MSU's Sexual Assault Advocate. This process is confidential. No report will be submitted to the university unless and until you decide you are ready.
  • Other Confidential Resources: Confidential Resources can provide assistance to sexual misconduct victims without having to formally report to university administration.  These resources include (1) Student Counseling Services (662-325-2091), where students can meet confidentially with trained counselors; (2) the Longest Student Health Center (662-325-2431), where members of the MSU community can seek medical care, including emergency care; and (3) the MSU Employee Assistance Program (1-866-219-1232), which provides confidential assistance and advising to MSU employees on a wide range of issues.
  • Law Enforcement: Whether you report to MSU or not, you always retain your right to report sexual misconduct to law enforcement.  Please see the Frequently Asked Questions section on this site for more information on how to do so.