Other Resources

MSU Safe Line

The MSU Safe Line (662-325-3333) is a confidential option for seeking help if you have experienced sexual assault or other sexual misconduct. It is staffed by trained counselors and is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Safe Line counselors can help you understand your options when sexual misconduct occurs. Discussions are confidential, and will not trigger a formal report to the university or an investigation unless you request assistance in making a report.

MSU Office of Survivor Support

MSU’s Director of Survivor Support, Dr. Yvett Roby, provides confidential assistance to survivors of sexual assault and other traumatic events. Dr. Roby can assist survivors in procuring supportive measures from the university, submitting formal reports to MSU if desired, reporting to law enforcement, seeking medical assistance, and in other capacities. The Office of Survivor Support is located on the second floor of the YMCA building, and can be reached at 662-325-5795 or yroby@saffairs.msstate.edu.

Respondent Advocate

MSU also employs an advisor for persons accused of sexual misconduct, who can provide advice on the investigation and disciplinary process, supportive measures, counseling and health options, and related matters. For more information on this service, contact the Office of Civil Rights Compliance at 662-325-5839 or titleix@msstate.edu

Student Counseling Services

Students can meet with a confidential mental health counselor. Speaking with Student Counseling Services does not trigger a formal report of sexual misconduct to the university or an investigation. SCS can be reached at 662-325-2091 or via the Student Counseling Services website.

MSU Meridian

The university provides an Associate Title IX Coordinator as well as an Associate Advocate at its Meridian campus. Kevin Entrekin serves as the associate coordinator and receives formal complaints related to sexual misconduct and other civil rights issues. He can be reached at 601-477-0244 or at kentrekin@meridian.msstate.edu. Alana Knowles serves as the Associate Advocate and can help in providing confidential assistance and connecting survivors to resources at MSU. She can be reached at 601-484-0138 or at aknowles@meridian.msstate.edu.

MSU Health Promotion and Wellness

MSU’s Department of Health Promotion and Wellness works to promote mental, physical, and social well-being in the university community. This includes initiatives aimed at raising awareness on issues like sexual and interpersonal violence, bystander intervention, and sexual health.  In addition to campus-wide events, group presentations on these issues are available upon request. You can learn more through the MSU Health Promotion and Wellness website.